The Tommy Cooper Show – 2016-2018

The Tommy Cooper Show

Joined by a superb supporting cast, Blood Brothers and West End star Daniel Taylor embodies the comedy icon in a celebration of Tommy Cooper’s life and work and of the people who helped to shape him. Written by Ian Carroll and Daniel Taylor, The Tommy Cooper Show takes us on a journey from Tommy’s days in the army right up to the height of his national TV stardom. The show is intended to entertain audiences of all ages, bringing to life a truly national treasure who could provoke laughter simply by appearing on stage.

“Tommy Cooper was given that wonderful and rare gift to make people laugh, often by simply standing there,” says Daniel Taylor (producer, actor and co-writer). “His most-loved routines draw on an innocent sense of humour that appeals to all ages, and I’m sure that they’ll stand the test of time.”
Expect many of Tommy’s much-loved routines, such as Glass Bottle/Bottle Glass, Spoon Jar/Jar Spoon, and Hats, and his memorable ‘Cooperisms’.

“It should not be forgotten that Tommy was also an incredible magician, who worked tirelessly at his craft, devising new and imaginative ways to surprise his audience with tricks that he contrives to get wrong. With regard to my interpretation, I simply aim to bring him back to life: the innocence, the mania, the look, and of course, that infectious laugh. There will simply be no entertainer like him ever again.”

The production has the blessing of Tommy Cooper’s Estate and of his daughter Vicky.

Critical acclaim for The Tommy Cooper Show:

“Both rib-achingly funny and tearful.”

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“Daniel Taylor’s evocation of the great man is spot on.”

Liverpool Echo

“A must-see show, a show that in time will probably become the definitive account of the Comic Magician, Tommy Cooper’s, life.”

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Owen Lewis, Love Shrewsbury

“The comedian’s television shows were brought to life in a resplendent live theatre experience and it was a glorious treat… I would happily return to watch this again and again.”

Break a Leg

“It`s difficult to conceive a better recreation of such a unique character. Daniel Taylor is breathtaking as Tommy Cooper.”

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Dave Jennings, British Theatre Guide

“Extremely funny… A tour de force.”

Chris Bleach, Chairman,The Tommy Cooper Society

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