A Taste of Honey – October 2018

Shelagh Delaney's, A Taste of Honey

After a highly successful repertory Shakespeare double-bill in April 2018, Daniel Taylor Productions returned to the Epstein Theatre in October 2018 with a new production of the hard-hitting and gritty drama A Taste Of Honey sixty years after its historic premiere by Joan Littlewood’s Theatre Workshop at the Theatre Royal in Stratford East, London.

A classic of the “kitchen sink” movement and subsequently made into a landmark film, the play tells the gripping story of the turbulent relationship between mother and daughter and the desperate efforts of 17-year-old Jo to break free from her vulgar and wayward mother Helen, and find her own “taste of honey” in a troubled life.

A Taste of Honey Media Centre

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and look back on our past productions. We are very proud of our productions and would like to share the experience with others who were not fortunate to have seen then live. To the right, is our video trailer for this production and below is a photographic gallery from some of our favourite scenes. We hope that you enjoy looking at our images as much as we enjoyed creating them…

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