Romeo and Juliet – 2017

Shakespeare's, Romeo and Juliet

Relocating Shakespeare’s classic tragedy from “fair Verona” to Liverpool in 1885, Trisha Duffy’s adaptation of Romeo and Juliet explores the destructive impact of religious sectarianism closer to home. In this adaptation the two “star-crossed lovers” are caught between their feuding families, the Catholic Montagues and the Protestant Capulets, resulting in tragic consequences.

Passionate young love and the destructive impact of divided communities are prominent themes in this fresh adaptation of what is widely regarded as the greatest love story of all time.

Critical acclaim for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet:

“This new production of Romeo & Juliet was to die for!”

10/10 – The Champion

Romeo and Juliet Media Centre

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and look back on our past productions. We are very proud of our productions and would like to share the experience with others who were not fortunate to have seen then live. Below, is a photographic gallery from some of our favourite scenes. We hope that you enjoy looking at our images as much as we enjoyed creating them…

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